Cooking Academy

Cooking Academy

A great game for all cooking lovers


  • Easy and fun to play
  • Recipes from all over the world
  • Contains interesting data about world's cuisine
  • Great game for kids


  • Simple graphics
  • Tends to get repetitive

Very good

If, like me, you think that saucepans are not designed for you, perhaps its time to hone your skills through this fun game.

Cooking Academy is the perfect way to approach cooking from a more entertaining point of view, which makes it a very suitable title for kids and kitchen-fearing adults alike. Just like the Nintendo DS title Cooking Mama, this game challenges you to prepare all sorts of recipes from around the world in the fastest and most accurate way possible. The better the recipe turns out, the higher score you achieve.

After having successfully passed a few lessons, you'll be facing exams, where things get a bit more serious. Depending on your final result, you'll be given special awards. Besides preparing recipes and restlessly cooking with your mouse, this game will also help you learn interesting facts about food and cooking in very different places in the world.

Cooking Academy is a casual game in all senses. It features nice, colorful graphics, it's easy and fun to play and it's the perfect pastime for short breaks – in fact, it tends to get repetitive if you play it for too long.

With Cooking Academy you can have fun while preparing recipes from all over the world – though only for a short time.

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Cooking Academy


Cooking Academy

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